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Interview Grey, Düsseldorf

Picture 4Ich freue mich sehr, dass sich die weltweit etablierte und anerkannte Kommunikationsagentur Grey in einem Blogbeitrag dem Thema “Duft und Parfum” widmet. Auf dem Unternehmensblog ist ein Interview mit mir abgedruckt. Für die Wertschätzung meiner Wahrnehmungen, Einschätzungen und Aussagen über Parfums, die Parfumbranche und den innovativen Drive aus der Nische bin ich dankbar.
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Be real! Value creation through authenticity

Recently, I discussed in the article about slow perfume (which was also recognized elsewhere) the idea that perfume creations can – in consideration of their timely constitution and long-term continuity – be thought of as valuable individual goods instead of accelerated mass products. This idea is based on several components.

One basic component is the facet of authenticity. Authenticity is extremely relevant in the case of multiple other products and groups of products that demand well-trained capacities in explaining and presenting those goods. Read more

The fragrance industry: Sensing brands, branding scents

The date is getting closer: The edited volume on “Brands and Branding Geographies” (Edward Elgar, 2011) by the British economic geographer Andy Pike (University of Newcastle) will be published in August. The edition deals with the issues of brands, branding and brand development. So far, economic geographers have hardly covered this theme that is of utmost relevance in several industries and for current economic affairs. Read more

Qualities of the term “niche”

The renewed success of niche perfume brands in recent years suggests an understanding and differentiation of what the terms ‘niche’ and ‘mass’ imply. Those differentiations and the adequacy to think in these terms are often discussed in the fragrance industry. Some players and institutions conceptualize working definitions in order to separate categories as ‘niche’ or ‘mass’ or even ‘more mass’ and ‘more niche.’ Hereafter, I speak about some facets and characteristics that distinguish mass from niche brands. However, this description is not analytical in the sense that a clear differentiation (according to number and quality of retailers, financial restraints and opportunities, geographical reach, profit, and employees, for instance) is possible – I am rather presenting tendencies of how niche players work and what they do differently. In addition, the list is not comprehensive. Read more