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Developments 2013: The Perfume Zone at Beyond Beauty

ParisWith the increasing recognition of traditional and newly developed brands under the heading „niche fragrances“, even established events such as Beyond Beauty in Paris are accounting for and dedicating space for this growing segment. During the next Beyond Beauty (9-11 September 2013, Porte de Versailles, Paris), a special area at CREATIVE Beauty will be secured for the creators of fine fragrances. The area is called Perfume Zone and “from conception to distribution, the Perfume Zone focuses on the different production stages of a fragrance” (info by the organizer). I am very curious about the developments of this initiative.

New fragrances of Robert Piguet Parfums at Pitti Fragranze 2012

The Perfume Magazine‘s conversation of Joseph Garces, CEO of Robert Piguet, with selected Pitti Fragranze 2012-participants such as Corinna Doose is summarized in this short and intriguing video. Kudos to Mark David Boberick and Raphaella Barkley, very nice!

Neue Kulissen in Paris: Duftreise nach Frankreich

Die Aussagen von Michael Edwards, dem weltweit durch seine Fragrance Bible bekannten Duftexperten, sind fast unglaublich: in 2011 wurden weltweit über 1000 neue Parfums auf den Markt gebraucht. Gemeinsam mit Messe-Initiator und Parfumexperte Frank J. Schnitzler stellteich kürzlich auf einer Reise nach Paris Verblüffendes fest: die Dynamik, gerade von Seiten der Nischenmarken, ist ungekannt. Im Gespräch mit Michael Edwards wurde dies angesprochen und manifestiert. Read more

Be real! Value creation through authenticity

Recently, I discussed in the article about slow perfume (which was also recognized elsewhere) the idea that perfume creations can – in consideration of their timely constitution and long-term continuity – be thought of as valuable individual goods instead of accelerated mass products. This idea is based on several components.

One basic component is the facet of authenticity. Authenticity is extremely relevant in the case of multiple other products and groups of products that demand well-trained capacities in explaining and presenting those goods. Read more

On scents, smells, and fragrances

Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. habil. Hanns Hatt und Prof. Dr. Roman Kaiser mit Gattin

The exhibition “Himmlische Düfte und Höllengestank” at the Botanical Garden of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (May 6-October 31, 2011; Scientific advisor: Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. habil. Hanns Hatt) presents an interactive journey through the world of scents and smells. It provides a lot of information for the public that is interested in perfumes, plants/flowers, and herbs. Several ingredients are presented but also perfumes and fragrance families are introduced. The presentation is rich in appealing pictures, detailed facts, and informative data. [slideshow] Read more