Monthly archive - Juli 2014

Urban smellscapes

Picture 1In the most recent issue of the journal “AAG Review of Books” (a Geography Book Review-magazine), my review of Victoria Henshaw’s book “Urban Smellscapes. Understanding and designing city smell environments” was published (Vol. 2, Issue 3: pp. 99-101). The author presents a thorough discussion of the connection between smell and policy and backs this through detailed empirical research from several cases in the UK. In my opinion, this book is beneficial for the broader public interested in scents and smell since it unravels the interrelations between senses and space(s) and place(s). I am happy to send a pdf of the book review – please get in touch.

Mercedes-Benz ‘bring your own fragrance’

Picture 2On July 9-10, 2014, an innovative event will take place: parallel to Berlin’s Fashion Week, Mercedes-Benz (MB) invites international fragrance bloggers and journalists to its MB-Gallery ‘Unter den Linden’ to speak about recent developments in perfumery. The background: MB introduced its ‘air balance package’ to the new S- and C-class. This is an effort to contribute and relate to modern luxury but also to recognize the grand trends of ‘autonomous driving’ and ‘in-car living’. The bloggers are active parts of the conversation; they have the opportunity to test their own fragrance in the car. Therefore, the event is called “bring your own fragrance”. Read more

Naturkosmetikcamp 2014

Picture 1Vom 27.-29. Juni 2014 fand das 1. Naturkosmetikcamp, Bad Häring, Tirol/Österrreich, statt. Mit einer Teilnehmerzahl von mehr als 100 Fachteilnehmern aus Industrie, Handel, Hotellerie, Spas, Kosmetikinstituten, Beratern, PR-Agenturen, Presse und vielen weiteren Marktakteuren war eine vielschichtige und facettenreiche Diskussion garantiert.
Meine eingereichte Session fand direkt zu Anfang des Camps statt. Read more