Esxence 2012: A short personal review

Esxence 2012: A short personal review

Esxence in Milan is known to be one of the few international meeting and exchange points in the field of artistic perfumery. The 4th edition of Esxence – The Scent of Excellence – (March 29-April 1, 2012) brought together significant producers, perfumers, distributors, sales agents, press representatives, online commentators, industry experts and scent aficionados from around the world. The event enabled to open new doors, write orders, talk about scents and scent impressions, introduce new brands, exchange expertise about different markets and market environments, get to know decision makers from other companies and countries, and speak about future projetcs. A parallel speakers’ and presenters’ program with writers, researchers, and top-notch experts and commentators highlighted that the ambition to translate the materialized art of scents into spoken words and written letters remains challenging.

I have seen very interesting approaches to address the market of artistic perfumery: some brands clearly document a capacious longevity, others are well-advised to reconsider action before further steps are taken.

In my opinion, crucial conceptual questions for artistic brand creators and owners (ideally to be answered before a market launch) are:

What kind of story and form of reality can I legitimately communicate through scents so that the intended goal of my project is reached and the audience is addressed?

Is the brand and its products enabling a common layer to communicate between all relevant participants in the artistic value chain?

Does a brand enable the exchange form of passion (in comparison to marketing stories, money, materials etc.) to move and be recognized by relevant participants of the artistic value chain?

Thanks to the organizers for creating this well-appreciated event and periodic forum!

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