Emerging ideas from France and Italy

Emerging ideas from France and Italy

On my recent travels to exhibitions in Paris (Beyond Beauty) and Florence (Pitti Fragranze), I recognized the rich diversity of small brands that are seemingly growing in numbers. I think the motivations to create products (be it fragrances or cosmetic products) are, usually, very considered, considerable. and show a certain engagement with topics that are relevant for the owner/creator behind a brand.

Clearly, not all brands will perform well from a financial viewpoint – on all markets, at all times. Especially, when brands are developed with a certain background for a particular market, they tend to over-rate the uniqueness and creativity of the developments (while under-estimating the complexity of communicating the brand architecture) and under-value the differences between markets (i.e. the conceptualization and idea of a brand is always brought into existence at particular places and times and, therefore, not ubiquitous).

Thus, the adequate communication and multiplication is key – and challenging at the same time. In saturated markets it is of particular interest to find the right mix of a convincing USP, fitting POS, and moved experts (insiders and influencers) to generate a buzz of loyal enthusiasts.

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